Dr. Kelsey supports patients in a variety of health concerns. Because of her passion for foundational medicine and the determinants of health, she approaches every plan with diet and lifestyle enhancements in mind. She enjoys assisting patients with stress management, sleep improvement, digestion optimization, immune wellness, skin problems, and cardiovascular and respiratory ailments. She is very interested in and comfortable working with adolescents and the struggles they face.

Dr. Kelsey also loves bringing a counseling aspect into her appointments as a way of connecting the body to the mind and spirit.

What to expect during your appointment

For your first appointment with Dr. Kelsey, you will spend approximately 2 – 2 1/2 hours speaking together. Not only will you discuss your current health concerns, but she will do an in depth review of all your body systems, your health history, and also explore your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health. Together, you will develop personal health goals for yourself and layout the first steps of your treatment plan.

For your return office visits, you will discuss any difficulties or successes you have experienced with your treatment plan and make any adjustments as necessary. You will also work together to further develop your plan and health goals. Return office calls may be utilized to simply check-in with one another on your progress, touch base about any struggles you may be experiencing or what further support you may need, or to continue work that was not fully completed at the prior office visit. This may include reviewing old lab work and ordering new labs.

Why are the appointments so long?

Naturopathic medicine is built on the principle of treating every patient as a unique individual, and also treating the whole person, rather than just the symptomatic aspects. In order for Dr. Kelsey to determine exactly what the root cause is for each person, she must know their full story; often times it can be the minor details of a persons life that can bring about the most significant changes. Dr. Kelsey also strives to make her appointments educational and personally tailored to each patient she sees. She believes that it is critical for patients to be involved in their own healing process, and the best way to accomplish this is to cultivate understanding about the treatment plan. This personalized approach is an opportunity for patients to tell their stories, ask questions, and be heard without feeling rushed.

Kinesio Taping

Dr. Kelsey offers Kinesio Taping* applications for many musculoskeletal/nerve complaints as well. Kinesio Tape is a therapeutic and rehabilitative latex-free tape that can be utilized in physical medicine needs. Often times people have seen it used by professional athletes on television or in the Olympics. It can be a very effective therapy because it is designed to act on 5 major body systems – the skin, the fascia (the tissue surrounding and lining every organ, bone, and muscle in the body), the circulatory and lymph systems, the muscles, and the joints. The way in which the tape is applied creates a specific response in these tissues, aiding them in performing more optimally. Kinesio Tape can be used for a variety of reasons, including sprains and strains, severe bruising, weak or injured muscles, muscle spasms, joint stabilization, posture correction and low back support, whip lash injuries, IT Band Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, and many more.

Patients like using Kinesio Tape because it rarely causes skin reactions, it can be left in place for up to 3 days (even during bathing), and often provides a certain level of instant relief. The creator of Kinesio Tape envisioned it as a way of sending the physicians fingerprints home with the patient, so they could continue to feel the physicians support long after leaving the office.

Kinesio taping applications are an additional fee to the normal office visit fee (see below).

Simple Kinesio Taping applications – $15
Complex Kinesio Taping applications – $25


Dr. Kelsey feels very strongly that continuity and follow-up is vital to the healing relationship. For this reason, she offers patients their first follow-up (second visit) for free.

First Office Call (approximately 120 minutes) – $380*
*First follow-up visit is included at no additional cost

Return Office Call (approximately 50 minutes) – $150

Brief Office Call (approximately 20 minutes) – $85

Phone consultations are billed at the same hourly rate.

B12 injections with package pricing available.

*KINESIO and KINESIO TAPING are registered trademarks of, and CERTIFIED KINESIO TAPING PRACTITIONER, CKTP, and the CKTP Logo are certification marks of, Kinesio IP, LLC.