So what is Determinant Health?

When I was in the throws of developing a name for my business, I knew I wanted something that not only had auditory appeal, but also represented the entire thought process behind the practice. I wanted a name that embodied what I believed wellness to be…a state of strength, resilience, and determination. The name also needed to somehow include what defined Naturopathic Medicine, and differentiated it from the conventional medical model. It is my belief that wellness is absolutely inseparable from a well-constructed foundation of health – a balance of mind, body, and spirit supported by dietary and lifestyle choices that promote positive change in one’s life. These factors align with the Naturopathic Determinants of Health….and hence, Determinant Health was born.

Determinant Health is a way of life. It’s a recognition that each person has within them that capability to heal themselves, if only they allow the space for it to happen. It is a bottom-up approach – focusing on building strong foundations as a means to promote future health success; treating the root issues to dis-ease (the state of being unwell) in order to bring about true cure; recognizing that a person’s inner spirit requires as much attention and tenderness as their outer, physical body.

Determinant Health is a mission for people to take their health back into their own hands. It seeks to empower, motivate, and support. It is about more than just making an appointment when you are sick and in need of a remedy – it is also about maintaining a relationship with the physician through the “ups,” thereby lengthening the time between the “downs.” It is about enlivening the spirit and optimizing the way each person approaches every day. Determinant Health is the belief that the physician should be an ally, a friend, and perhaps a guide to each individual’s journey through life, rather than a dictator or parental figure that commands absolute adherence to a treatment plan.

Are you determined about enhancing your life? Are you looking to be an active participant in your level of wellness? If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and passively watching others dictate your health, then Determinant Health is ready for you. Determinant Health is a movement of something new and different – Contact Us to become a part of it.


It’s time to take your health back

It’s time to be empowered